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Our unique Apprenticeship Training Agency Service provides a seamless approach to the recruitment and employment of Apprentices. We manage all aspects of recruitment, planning and arranging the Apprenticeship training and legally employ the Apprentice.  This allows you the benefit of an Apprentice without the worry about long term placement or employment issues.

The ATA service includes;

  • Writing your job advert and undertaking all recruitment activities
  • Advertising on 13 channels
  • Short listing
  • Telephone interviewing
  • Conducting face to face interviews with applicant
  • Arranging interviews with the ‘host employer’
  • Literacy and numeracy screening
  • Checking references
  • Sourcing and arranging the apprentice training
  • Undertaking regular pastoral support visits
  • On-line and telephone support to both Apprentices and employers
  • Weekly invoicing to ‘host employers’
  • Weekly payroll for Apprentices – we deal with PAYE, NI and pension contributions
  • Monitoring training provision and Apprentice progress on their Apprenticeship
  • Ongoing HR and performance management
  • Accessing applicable grants

We understand that there are a number of barriers to having an Apprentice.

We provides impartial and independent support to business on Apprenticeships and skills development. Our offer provides a coherent and comprehensive offer of support to SMEs.  We ensure that your key priorities are met.

Lack of engagement by SMEs

Small business participation within the Apprenticeships programme is low.  This is down to a number of barriers.

For example, many businesses simply do not know who to approach for information about Apprenticeships. It is not just a lack of awareness about the programme but also it is a lack of understanding about the process of getting involved. Finally there is little understanding of the benefits that Apprenticeship can bring to a small business.

Our target audience will be those SMEs lacking the expertise of introducing and managing an Apprenticeship scheme. We will demonstrate to SMEs the flexibility of the ATA model, the reduction of the employment risk and the quality of the service provided by IMPACT.

Headcount Restrictions and the Public Sector

Some large companies and the public sector have headcount restrictions.  Through the ATA employment model, Apprentices sit on IMPACT’s headcount allowing you to use an alternative budget to meet your succession planning requirements.