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Gabriele, Business Administration Assistant, Informations Systems, Channel 4

APPBS_Gabriele-72829-LowRes (2)I wanted to work here so badly, I was willing to re-apply time after time if I needed to. The atmosphere is so different to normal offices. I’m only 16 but I’m getting used to working and being treated like an adult, proving I can do the job. I love it, I’m working towards a qualification and getting to know the ins and outs behind the scenes at Channel 4.

Employer – Channel 4Having an apprentice scheme is about recognising raw talent over qualifications or work experience. But ours is also about diversity. We’re proud of the range of voices our apprentices represent. Many of them even take part as key speakers in high-level brainstorms around programming and content for young audiences. They add huge value to what we do.

Josh, Composite Laminator, Universal Race Technology

APPBS_Josh-73672-LowRes (2)

I’ve always been interested in motorsport, and I’ve been part of some great projects here. The support I’ve had, the jobs I’ve worked on and the responsibilities I’ve taken on – they’re all helping me towards a supervisory role in the company and, hopefully, a long, promising future here.

Employer – Universal Race TechnologyThe Apprenticeship Programme has been a great source of young talent for us. These youngsters get a taste of the work ethic at a very early age, and they tend to stay with us. Sure, their skill levels are very basic when they arrive but these young people are very motivated and eager to learn. And when you’re facing a skills shortage that can make all the difference.

Kerri, customer services administrator, facemediagroup

APPBS_Kerri-73384-LowRes (2)I think apprenticeships are brilliant. They’re a chance to take a leap into the real world. I’m dealing with real-life customers and situations all the time, answering calls and emails, checking deliveries, advising customers and interacting with them. It’s all about learning and moving forward, and I’m getting everything I need to move onto the next step.

Employer – facemediagroup – Right now we have 14 staff and four of them are apprentices, one in each department. If you’re prepared to invest your time in apprentices, the rewards are huge. They don’t just generate more income, they become part of the team, with younger, fresher eyes and ears for us to learn from. It’s very satisfying to watch them grow over the time they’re with us.

Nana, production assistant, Anthony Vrahimis Design Consultancy

APPBS_Nana-73319-LowRes (2)It’s real hands-on experience here, learning skills in a working environment. Having the chance to oversee some tasks has helped me develop my managerial skills, too. It’s given me the ability to manage my own time wisely to reach targets and deadlines. It’s all good preparation for what I want to do next: set up my own business.

Employer – Anthony Vrahimis Design ConsultancyMy studio has become well known as a training ground for designers who go on to start their own businesses. You learn on the job, within the industry and it’s real. Some pick up technical skills quickly, others need more time from staff and management. But once they’re trained, they’re worth every second.

Nisar, Electrician, Incommunities Group Ltd

APPBS_Nisar-43042-RGB-LowRes (2)I work in a team rewiring people’s homes. 
I’ve got a mentor and a manager who 
gives me advice and support, and teaches me new skills every day. At the end of my four-year Apprenticeship I’ll be a qualified electrician and nearer to my ultimate goal 
of a successful career in construction. 

Employer – Incommunities Group Ltd, 
social housing provider – Apprenticeships are part of the DNA of Incommunities; we’ve been ranked as one of the Top 100 apprentice employers. We challenge our apprentices to learn as they 
go, and split their development between 
the classroom and the field. It’s good for 
both parties: they get skills that help them 
in their careers; we get talented people 
who benefit our business.

Sam, Bricklayer, Jelson Homes

APPBS_Sam-43198-RGB-LowRes (2)I manage a team of bricklayers building new homes. It’s hard work but it’s a good job with good money, and all thanks to the skills I learned as an apprentice. A couple of years later I was able to represent the UK in bricklaying at the WorldSkills competition in Calgary.  Now I’ve got my Apprenticeship qualification I’m a lot closer to making it happen.

Employer – Jelson Homes, construction company – Apprenticeships bring young people into our industry, many of them with huge potential. If they work hard enough, like Sam did on his Apprenticeship, we can build on their training so they become a vital part of our company. They get a future in construction and we get quality employees. That’s worth its weight in gold.