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Over the years, more and more vacancy platforms have hit our computer screens, making our searches simple, easier and a faster way to getting into a career that suits us down to a ‘T’.

It is important that you know what you’re looking for before you start your search. So if you’ve not yet mastered the art of applying for jobs, then read below IMPACT’s hints and tips to help make your application count once and for all.

Choose where you are applying and keep track of any job platforms you sign up on.

Our Top 2 Vacancy platforms:

Opportunities can spring up in the least expected places. If you cannot find the right vacancy for you, try browsing related categories and searching by alternative job titles, or widen the geographical area of your search. If the vacancy you like has been on for a long time it’s always worth emailing the employer or phoning the company to check that the vacancy still exists.

Work experience

Doing unpaid work experience, also known as volunteering, can lead to the possibility of getting a job. Work experience gives you the chance to learn new skills and improve those you already have by carrying out simple duties within the workplace. Many people have moved into new types of work on the back of the work experience they’ve done – and you can join them!

Make sure you choose an organisation you feel passionately about. Make sure that the experience will improve your own chances of getting back into paid work in a job you know you will enjoy.

If you are claiming job seekers allowance, work experience will not affect this. You can do as much work experience as you like and still claim benefit. Also, if you claim expenses for lunch it won’t be taken out of your benefits. You need to inform your benefits advisor about the work experience you’re doing. You’ll still be expected to stick to the conditions of the benefit agreement, which means looking for paid work and attending interviews.

Some great places to find volunteering opportunities are;