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Our Free Skills Analysis

Our Skills Analysis for business will help you to identify the current and future key challenges for your business.  This is a key piece of information.  An organisation needs to understand the skills and knowledge they have also where the skills and knowledge need to be developed. What succession plans have you made? Are vacancies or issues surrounding recruitment and/or staff retention understood and managed to ensure that you are prepared for growth?

The introduction of an effective training plan depends on knowing what is required – for the individual, the department and the organisation as a whole. With limited budgets and the need for cost-effective solutions, all organisations need to ensure that they recruit for the right positions within the right departments at the right time.

The IMPACT Skills Analysis has become a vital tool in the development of workplaces.  We advise on the fit of the Apprentice standards for your business. Our 1hr FREE Skills Analysis allows us to discuss with you the skills and abilities that are needed to support your organisation.

During our meeting we will;

  1. discuss your future needs
  2. identify the level of demand
  3. consider what type of training would be suitable
  4. provide detailed guidance and recommendations on the appropriate action

Opportunities will be discussed by our experienced Business Development Advisor also how investment in training could support your business growth.

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