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Interview questions

Design apprentices

A List of Interview Questions

  1. What is the most difficult challenge that you have faced?
  2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  3. How well do you work in a team?
  4. When did you show flexibility and a willingness to do things a new way?
  5. When have you delivered exceptional customer service?
  6. How would you prioritise your workload?
  7. When did you improve the way that something is organised?
  8. What skills do you have that would be relevant to the job?
  9. Why do you want to work here
  10. Why should we pick you and not another candidate?
  11. What are you career goals?

Typically at the end of the interview, the interviewer will ask if you have any questions. A few interviewers use this question to test how well prepared you are.  They want to know that you have researched the company and are interested in the position.

  1. Who would you report to?
  2. What progression routes are there within the company?
  3. Could the interviewer see you fitting in with the current team?
  4. What will be your day to day responsibilities?
  5. Will there be any internal training other than the apprenticeship?
  6. What is the first project that you will be working on?
  7. You can ask questions about the decision timeline for the position.
  8. What are the next steps?

Questions you should NOT ask in the first interview

  1. Salary/Commission/Bonus
  2. Holiday entitlements
  3. Performance during the interview

Interview question lists:
Questions about your skills

In an interview, the interviewer is trying to find out if you are right for the job. You need to show that you are right for the job. Make a list of all your strengths and areas for development and then highlight the important skills.

Frequently asked interview questions relating to skills

  1. What experience do you have in the industry (professional or voluntary)?
  2. What job/activities or studies have you done that make you suitable for this position?
  3. What qualifications/skills do you have for this job?
  4. (If relevant) What were your responsibilities at your last position?
  5. What are your major achievements ?
  6. Have you had any kind of training/experience that would make you suitable for this position?
  7. Why should we hire you?
  8. Why do you want the job?
  9. What makes you different from the other candidates?
  10. What skills do you think are most critical for this job?

The thing which you have to remember most about an interview situation is that it’s not just about the client learning about and assessing you. They have seen your CV and shortlisted you. It’s as much about you learning about the company and deciding if you want to work with them.