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Why work with us?

Our unique approach to the recruitment and employment of Apprentices and Graduates incorporates the best practice model of recruiting and retaining Apprentices and Graduates. We manage all aspects of the recruitment of the Apprentices and Graduates, and will plan and arrange any training. Our ATA status means that we can legally employ both Apprentices and Graduates.

Professional recruitment

Our professional recruitment service means that you give us the job brief and then agree to give us four hours of your time in four weeks to carry out the selection. Our team work behind the scenes on average for 35 hours to source and screen the applicants who are most suitable for your vacancy.

We write your job specification, create your job advert and work with you to understand the job duties to find you the right candidates. We advertise, screen and reference check suitable candidates on your behalf. As specialists in the recruitment and selection of Apprentices and Graduates we provide a shortlist of suitable candidates for you to choose from in addition to detailed interview notes and CV.


Mentoring has been proven time and again to be the single most effective way to help Apprentices and Graduates complete their qualification. The mentoring and pastoral care provided by IMPACT Apprenticeships has helped us to achieve very high retention and success rates. The high retention of your Apprentices and Graduates means you spend less time recruiting and training new staff and more time gaining the greatest possible value from your biggest asset.

Cost and time savings

At IMPACT Apprenticeships we want to make sure you are fully informed as to the real picture when it comes to your time and money spent when taking on that extra pair of hands. So, how does the cost compare when employing an apprentice through IMPACT Apprenticeships rather than doing it yourself?

We can save you 15% in the annual cost outlay required to recruit and maintain an Apprentice and Graduate as well as over 70 hours of your time. This saving is calculated based on the person managing the apprentice earning £40,000 per annum using the example of a typical business administration Apprentice.

Apprenticeship Training

Reduced risks

If circumstances change and the ‘host employer’ is unable to retain the Apprentice, the ATA will work with the Apprentice to find alternative and appropriate employment, giving them the reassurance that they can continue their Apprenticeship. For the Apprentice the ATA gives another route into an Apprenticeship which can offer them the opportunity to experience a range of employers and with increased security and support.

Training and mentoring

Our Apprenticeship mentoring officers carry out regular workplace visits which include counselling, pastoral support and HR.